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Career Experience

As a professional in my field, I’ve had the opportunity to hold a variety of roles in many different companies throughout the years. Take a look below to learn more about my background and experience.

Founder - Bent Street Films LLC

Through my production company - Bent Street Films LLC - I freelance, both locally and internationally as a Cinematographer/Director. My film interests are centered around social issues that affect minority communities. Coming from a documentary background, I've since transposed my commentary skills towards the narrative film genre. 

My film style is certainly a flare of neorealism & visual storytelling with a minimalist approach. Where the combination of performances, subdued colors and textures mixed with gritty locations are my instinctual first choices to paint my perspective of the story.

Creative Consultant - Irie Jam 360

Irie Jam Media Group INC. afforded me the opportunity to be their first-ever creative director for their spanking new multimedia platform - Irie Jam 360. The app-based platform revolutionized their traditional radio entity into a vibrant and interactive new media enterprise. I've managed, collated and produced weekly content from across the Caribbean and the diaspora for the thousands of subscribers on the app.

My duties included, but were not limited to the following:

  • Translating marketing objectives into clear creative strategies

  • Leading the multidisciplinary project & the production teams

  • Directing the creative team in the production of all marketing collateral

  • Ensuring all visual communication and brand standards are met

  • Overseeing client pitches and proposals

  • Meeting with clients and upper management to explain campaign strategies

  • Reviewing work, troubleshooting and providing feedback to the creative team

Print Traffic Manager - AIFVF

Founded in 1974, the AIFVF has been a champion of justice and provides a voice for underrepresented artists and viewpoints on a global level. For four decades, Athens International has embraced experimental, narrative, short-form, feature-length, and documentary films from every corner of the globe, offering filmmakers a stellar platform for public exposure and an environment that values artistry above marquee names and industry relationships.

I've served as the print traffic manager for the Athens International Film & Video Festival - Athens, Ohio. During my stint there, I created a dynamic database for the festival's volunteers, participants and film submissions.

My duties included:

  • Prescreening submissions to the festival

  • Assisting with the programming of the festival selections

  • Creating and managing databases and print traffic for the festival

  • Downloading and categorizing selections in their respective blocks

  • Corresponding with and addressing queries from invited and selected filmmakers

  • Chaperoning guest filmmakers and sponsors during the festival

Director of Entertainment Promotions - Blue Bucket Entertainment

Blue Bucket Entertainment was the only full time entertainment organization in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Our mandate was simple, to manage and promote rising star local talent & to create neo-cultural events to serve the entertainment sector.

As director of entertainment promotions, I developed live shows and media content for our flagship event - Xpress Yoself. Xpress Yoself was a spoken word & live music hybrid that catered to the composers, musicians and authors in our society.

Special Projects Coordinator - W&T George Group of Companies LTD.

W&T George Group of Companies Ltd. created the position of Special Project Coordinator due to my successful project proposals & implementations after having worked as an independent contractor for the company for 2 years. W&T George is the parent entity for 6 major brands in the Guyana business sector, spanning from health care to fast food. It was at this point that I honed my supervisory and managerial skills, along with my event planning and management skills.

My stint there enabled me to produce and market the companies' advertising campaigns and cultural entertainment initiatives. Verses & Flow became the most talked about television show in the entertainment sector in Guyana. The show was a spin-off of the live spoken word event - Upscale Poetry.

For a glimpse of the output of my work CLICK HERE

Media Tutor - Global Technology, Guyana

Global Technology is dedicated to providing the highest quality tuition and exceptional computer services to the people of Guyana by employing well educated and knowledgeable professionals and by using state of the art technology.

During my years there, I taught & tutored students to use the Adobe Premiere & Audition applications through the media production package course.

Technical Assistant - NYFA

The New York Film Academy is considered the best hands-on film school in the world and offers a range of programs including filmmaking, acting for film, screenwriting, producing, documentary, game design, animation, photography, musical theatre, broadcast journalism, cinematography, virtual reality, graphic design, digital editing.

I served as a technical assistant with the institution helping professors to manage their classrooms during practical camera, recording sessions & student films. I also assisted the institution with events and in-house productions.

My duties included:

  • Assisting course instructors with equipment for student projects

  • Requesting and managing equipment for all assigned courses

  • Guiding student shoots on location and on campus

Studio Manager - Guyenterprise

I held the portfolio of Studio Manager at Guyenterprise - the leading advertising agency at in Guyana at the time -  at age 19. 

The company handled public relations & marketing for the top tier corporations and companies in the country. Those entities included - Banks D.I.H, the Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Company and the Government of Guyana.

The "studio pool" - as it was affectionately known - was mandated with creating multimedia projects for its clientele. Radio & video ads, informercials, documentaries and event coverage was just some of the tasks we efficiently executed on a daily basis.

Television Editor - K45, St. Vincent

I worked with the Karib Cable company during my time in the Caribbean. Karib Cable is the major cable network that served St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Antigua & St. Lucia. I served as Television Editor for the St. Vincent local TV headquarters - K45.

My time there involved me working on the Antigua tourism project as their primary videographer & technical director for K45's first live TV show and launch.

Senior Videographer - SVGBC

Concurrently I picked up the post of Senior Videographer at the St. Vincent & the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation (SVGBC). At the time, the TV station was going through a rebranding phase which allowed me the opportunity to create new concept content for the station.

My time there saw the addition of repackaged live event coverage, cultural & social issue programming along with a weekend entertainment magazine program.